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Steilhead Cider is situated in beautiful Nithsdale, ten miles north of Dumfries.


Since 2013 we have been making cider in the traditional way, from local, naturally grown fruit using wild yeasts and no sweetening or additives.  Most of our ciders are still and dry, aged for up to two years before bottling.


From September to December we collect ripe apples from our own orchards. We also criss-cross the Region visiting other growers and gathering a huge range of apple varieties from them.


Working in our own Cider Barn, we select, wash, mill and press the fruit at their peak of ripeness before letting a natural fermentation run its course. We then carefully store the cider for many months before final blending and bottling.

From the very, very best apples we now also make our own Apple Juice, which we bottle and
pasteurise ourselves.

We use no additives or preservatives and we follow a policy of minimal-intervention with our
ciders - we like to let time and terroir work their magic!

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