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Swift-and-Swallow cider is our newest line. Smooth, rounded, with a hint of tannin and a little sweeter than our other ciders, Swift-and-Swallow is crafted from a mature, still cider made from 100% local apples to which we add a little natural organic sugar before pasteurising to prevent refermentation.

This gives us a still, medium-dry cider with a lovely honey colour and rich aroma.
Available in 500ml bottles and 3L pouches.


No sulphites or additives other than a little sugar.
Medium-dry, 6.0%ABV.

Swift and Swallow Cider

SKU: 0005
  • Swift and Swallow Cider is sold in 500ml bottles and 3L pouches @ £12.50. ABV 6.0%

  • Swift and Swallow Cider has an ABV of 6.0%

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